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ANDOVER VS EXETER -  This Saturday November 12, 2022 is the much anticipated big football game!  These two prep schools will finally take the field for this annual fun sports rivalry.  The game takes place in Andover this year for this longstanding tradition started over a century ago.   

Throw on your gear, paint your face, gather your noise makers and bring your school spirit!  Red, blue or whoever you’re rooting for, it’s all about fun and friendly competition!  Of course we’re all about Big Blue!

Andover Collection is featuring 25% off Go Blue Foam Fingers and 50% Off Andover Benchwarmer Knit Headbands.  Stop by our store at 40 Main Street on your way to the game to say hello and pick up some swag.


If you can’t make the game, the school will be live streaming it on the link below.


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